In 2004, one year after his passing, his wife Monica Casadei, his family and many friends of Gennaro Labanca – a man who made of dance his raison d’être, leaving behind way too soon a world full of artists and performers, public and critics – wanted to affectionately honor him by dedicating to him two days of meetings, exhibitions and events in the theatre he founded and directed since 1992, the Fondamenta Nuove in Venice, which has become, thanks to his total commitment to it, a landmark for contemporary dance in Venice and in Italy. The success of the initiative and the warmth shown by so many commemorating artists and performers have encouraged the promoters to make it an annual event, an occasion to meet up and renew the question on a crucial part of the work and life of all those operating in the arts. That is the passion for arts that justifies and explains such dedication to an industry that is somehow also difficult and problematic but still supports those who believe in its development and growth. In 2005 it was the Teatro Nuovo in Turin, another city close to his heart, to host this important event centered on his personality: Gennaro Labanca had spent here his early training years and, after several experiences in the field of visual arts, he had turned to dance and founded the company Sutki, directed by Anna Spagna, thus beginning his twenty-year career dedicated to the development and growth of such sector. In 2007, the tribute to Gennaro Labanca was housed by the dance festival Danza del III Millenio in Parma, which he had created.