Artemis is pursuing a constant training policy towards young authors as well, by fostering the spread of their works to the institutions and operators active in this field and by consulting them on every phase of the creative process and on every step of the promotion of their activity. Artemis’ tours are also a showcase for the work of young choreographers supported by the Company, as they represent an opportunity for an actual exchange with the audience. The production of Artemis has paved the way to new authors, such as Alessandra Pizza, Chiara Guglielmi, Ambrose Laudani, Stefano Mazzotta, Emanuele Sciannamea, Tino Schepis, Chiara Martinoli, Carlotta Plebs, Erika Melli, Valerio Longo, Stefania Brannetti, Alex Pavlata, Riccardo Cazzato, Philippe Ménard. 

Notably, among the performances currently supported we recommend:

Camilla Negri
2012 -  My favourite Bourger (CID Contemporary Ballet)

Vittorio Colella
2012 - U.N.A. (Titanz Visual Art and Dance Company)
2010 - Battisia. Il battesimo di Vittorio Colella (Titanz Visual Art and Dance Company)

Nicola Marrapodi
2011 - M/F di Nicola Marrapodi