The dance festival “Dance of the 3rd Millenium”, first conceived as “Autumn Dances” at the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in Venice, in 2003 added to its Venetian location another location in Parma (after the passing of Gennaro Labanca, its founder and President). Here Monica Casadei carried on his legacy through the Association Danza del III Millennio, of which she is the current Artistic Director. Since 2007, the dance festival is included in Season schedule of Teatro delle Briciole - Solares Fondazione delle Arti. Danza del III Millennio has established its identity on the key role played by the author: the choreographer, thanks to his poetics, unique signature and often his personal interpretation, is the main character of such innovative focus and he explores the different generational and international expressions of dance. It is a showcase for contemporary dance, which benefitted throughout the editions of the participation of the most interesting companies and artists, showing a representative cross section of contemporary dance. Three dance fronts are represented in each edition: first is the German dance theatre that Monica Casadei always looks at as a reference point and whose many important exponents have been invited to participate, such as Susanne Linke (2003), Dominique Mercy (2004), Beatrice Libonati (2005), Ismael Ivo (2006). Second is a selection of the most representative Italian dance companies, able to break traditional standards, and foreign companies as well (e.g. French, Swiss, British), these also looking for new ways of expression, with specific focus on single countries such as the case of Brazil in 2005. Third are the events “Free rein to new authors”, intended to discover and enhance young talented choreographers in Italy.