The company is supported by

At the core of dancers and technicians who participate in the productions (see tabs shows) joins the organizing team: Elisa Orlandi (administration), Maria Chiara Fresh and Cristina Basoni (organization and promotion), Gaia Gherardi (communication area).

Artistic and professional collaborations
The Company uses assiduously collaboration and advice of musicians Luca Vianini and Mauro Casappa, the teacher of Laban cinetografia Elena Bertuzzi, the light designer Claudio Coloretti, he playwright and director Mario Jorio, the photographers Fabian Albertini (website/facebook), Beatrice Pavasini and the photographer Marco Caselli Nirmal, ournalists and critics dance Sonia Schoonejans and Philippe Verrièle.

Also took part in individual creations by Monica Casadei master Claudio Scannavini (The Night Double / Aida and Tristan, 2013), the pianist Alessandro Taverna (Traviata, 2011 and Rigoletto, 2012), the Director of Shadow Theater Fabrizio Montecchi(Corpombra. Indonesia, 2011), the singer Elena Ledda e la pianista Rita Marcotulli (Il silenzio delle donne, 2011), the filmmaker Emanuele Cervellini (Sun Soul Sola. Japan, 2010), the belly dancer Patrizia Dal Bello (Turkish Bazaar, 2009) nd the Barathanatyam dancer Alessandra Pizza (Codice India, 2008), cellist Tristan Honsinger (Vocal Vox, 2007), the poet Edoardo Sanguineti , the artist Marco Nereo Rotelli and the composer and director Andrea Liberovici (PoèTanz!, 2006), the video artist Danilo Guidarelli (Cuba 2006), the potters Elisabetta Bovina and Carlo Pastore ((a Century of Dance, 2005), Andy of Bluvertigo and production designer Francesco Calcagnini (Corpo d'Opera, 2002), the director Giuseppe Bertolucci (Traviata, 2001), the director Dominique Pitoiset (Macbeth, 2001), the musician Mario Arcari and the clown Alexandre Pavlata (Antonio Ligabue, 1999; invitation to dinner with eros, 2000), 2000), Ensemble directed by Danilo Grassi (Angels of meat, 1999).

Collaborations for the discipline and body care
The psycho-physical training proposed by Monica Casadei is supported and enriched by the work of professionals in the field of martial arts and complementary medicine, including:
- Annick Lemaire Sensei /ALPA
- André Cognard Hanshi So shihan/Académie autonome d'aikido Kobayashi Hirokazu - Canale Youtube
- Rodolfo Aimi/A.S. Sakurakan
- Fabio Rizzo (Massofisioterapista,Osteopata, Kinesiologo, Riflessologo,Naturopata)

Supporters and partners
2013 - Main partner:
From year to year sponsoring the production of the company small and large private entities, including Autocentro Baistrocchi of Parma, Jacuzzi SpA, Mariella Burani Fashion Group and Freesoul. In 2007, Artemis is a member of WDA-Dance World Dance Alliance Europe under the auspices of IDC-ITI/UNESCO